Blindness-Kindness Experience Day

Blindness-Kindness Experience Day.

#BeThatPerson who is always ready to assist a visually impaired person.

Participants in our Blindness-Kindness workshop.

The College of Orientation and Mobility held a Blindness-Kindness Experience for members of the public on Friday, 10th February. The purpose of the workshop was to teach the skill of guiding a person with visual impairment safely, in several different environments. These guiding techniques can be taught to family, friends or anyone who might serve as a guide in familiar or unfamiliar places. Participants learned how to guide a visually impaired person, ascend or descend stairs, how to find a seat and opening and closing doors under a blindfold experience. Our three O&Ms facilitated the training in a very practical way, which encouraged the attendees to apply what they had learned. As training took place in small groups there was time to teach the techniques individually and to practice them.

Participants in our Blindness-Kindness workshop

The workshop struck the perfect balance between informative and interactive. A great deal of fun was had by all as they completed their final obstacle course test. All our participants were awarded certificates of attendance and encouraged to #BeThatPerson who is always ready to help others.

“It was such a pleasure to have our O&M practitioner share their expertise so generously. Thank you again for organizing the workshop. I hope you continue creating such amazing events for the public, “said Vera Da Sliva.

 For inquiries regarding future Blindness-Kindness experience day, please feel free to contact

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