– By Leaving a Bequest


The S A Guide-Dogs Association is funded entirely by  donations – a remarkable achievement on the part of donors considering that it costs well over R80,000 to produce one trained ‘unit’ of owner and dog, with ongoing aftercare.

Each new owner is asked to pay a single nominal amount of R5 as part of the contract.

A bequest to the SA Guide-Dogs Association is a powerful gift that will give safe mobility and independence, as well as devoted and loyal companionship, to a visually or physically impaired person. Your bequest can change someone’s life.
Please will you consider including the S A Guide-Dogs Association in your Will?

If you own a property, have insurance policies or a pension fund, own a vehicle and household goods, everything adds up to quite a substantial amount.

Estate Duty is payable to the government on all estates that exceed the current legislated value set by parliament, however, whatever you leave to your spouse or a recognised charity is exempt from Estate Duty. Leaving a charitable bequest (which is exempt from Estate Duty) means that the value of this bequest is deducted from your Estate before the duty is calculated. Once your Will has made a difference for yourself, your family and others close to you, you may want to make a further difference in the world.

If you are part of our circle of donors, you’re already  giving the gift of safe and independent mobility to visually impaired people. In taking your loyal commitment a step further by including the S A Guide-Dogs Association in your Will, you’ll be giving a special gift to the future – one which will also be a beautiful living memorial to celebrate your life.

And if you are not yet a supporter of ‘Guide Dogs’, may we respectfully request that you consider our organisation as ‘the charitable bequest’ in your Will. By carrying out this special act of generosity you will help us to continue breeding, training and providing guide dogs, social and service dogs to all those who need them.



To give ‘a pair of eyes’ and a loving, devoted companion to someone who cannot see is a gift beyond description.

Whilst it is your privilege to state how your bequest might be used, unspecified usage is greatly appreciated, as this allows your generosity to meet the need which is greatest at that time.

To answer any questions you may have, or to request further information, please contact the S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind:

Telephone: 011 705 3512
Fax: 086 506 3364
email: PieterV@guidedog.org.za

Please contact Pieter Van Niekerk, it will be our privilege to discuss the matter with you in confidence.


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