Western Cape

Jacob Kruger, AKA “Blind Biker”

Jacob Kruger, also known as the “Blind Biker”, set himself the task to raise awareness about the capabilities of visually impaired persons. Jacob had two guide dogs before.  On 7 July 2018 he took on the challenge to ride a bike around the extremely difficult Redstar Raceway near Delmas, where the highlight of the dayRead More »Jacob Kruger, AKA “Blind Biker”

Madiba Day

To commemorate Mandela Day,  the team with the help and determination of volunteers, puppy raisers and dogs embarked on selling 67 soft toy puppies at eight shopping malls in Cape Town on Saturday, 15 July 2017.  The challenge was to sell the puppies in two hours and we are pleased with the results – 275Read More »Madiba Day


GDA Cape Town was very pleased with the results from the Madiba Day campaign that was held in eight shopping malls on Saturday, 16 July… Read More »MADIBA DAY