The health of a guide dog is critical to its ability to carry out its work. Regular check ups are therefore essential. G.D.A. recommends that guide dogs should undergo a thorough check up every 4 months. It is also the Association’s policy that all guide dogs should be vaccinated against viral infections on an annual basis and against rabies as and when required.

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) recommends that Vets should not charge for the four monthly check ups and GDA certainly appreciates the generosity of those Veterinary Surgeons who do this.

Generally speaking GDA expects the guide dog owner to meet the costs of any other treatment that may be required to be met by the guide dog owner. Where this is not possible the GDO is aware that SAGA is willing to assist them. In all such cases the vet is requested to submit the account directly to the GDO.

Vets please note that GDA maintains a Health Record Card on all of its dogs and information from this record card is available to vets if required.