Latest litters in Puppy Block

Latest Litters in Puppy Block

Puppy Block recently welcomed two new litters – the QR litter born to brood Inca and the S litter born to brood Emily. Our broods are specially selected for this important role based on their temperament and health scores, to ensure they pass the best traits possible onto the next generation of working dogs. Our broods, who normally live in the homes of our Brood Stock Holder foster families, come in to Puppy Block seven to 10 days prior to their due date, to give them time to settle in to their new surroundings and routine, and stay until their puppies leave at eight weeks of age.

Inca and pups

On 28th November 2022, our QR litter of just two male yellow Labradors was born to brood Inca and sire Parson. This was Inca’s second litter. Inca is a brood who loves to play with her puppies – she can’t wait for them to grow up enough to zoom around the grass run with her and share toys with her. Her favourite game is to squeak a toy until she grabs a puppy’s attention, and then run away with the toy when the puppy tries to take it. Both of Inca’s boys will shortly be heading down to Cape Town to meet their volunteer Puppy Raiser families.

Our next litter to be born was Emily’s S litter, born on 12th January 2023. Emily is a yellow Labrador and sire Mick is a black Labrador, so we got a real mixed bag from this litter – one yellow female, four yellow males, two black females and two black males. This is Emily’s third litter. Emily is a natural mother and takes such great care of her puppies. The S litter is currently at a very exciting stage in their development – their ears and eyes are opening and they’re becoming more mobile. Over the next few weeks they’ll experience solid food for the first time, will gradually be given more space to explore and will soon be able to explore their outdoor run too.

You can help raise these puppies to become a life changing Assistance Dog! To be part of this amazing journey, contact for more info or click here

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