Our Mission :

  • To enhance the mobility and independence of people who have visual, physical and developmental needs.


Our 2020 Vision:

  • The 2020 Vision describes how we will satisfy our Mission in the period between now and the year 2020, through:



Achieve the highest level of excellence and be the accepted leader in the Services we provide:

  • Highly trained Service Dogs for people who are physically disabled
    • These dogs assist by retrieving items from difficult to reach places and enabling their owners to open and close doors and drawers.
  • Highly trained Autism Support Dogs
    • Aftercare is provided for the lifetime of the partnership.
  • Assistance to the visually impaired through orientation and mobility services to improve their independence
    • The education and qualification of instructors in the skills of orientation and mobility in order that they impart their knowledge to improve the living experience of the visually impaired community.
    • Provision of Orientation and Mobility services directly to the visually impaired people.
    • Managing a referral service to keep visually impaired people in touch with persons offering assistance they might need.



  • A highly motivated, passionate and unified team in which each individual is supported and encouraged to develop to his or her full potential.
  • Compassionate individuals having the necessary skills and expertise in their field.



  • Foster and recognize a network of passionate volunteers and puppy raisers.
  • Make our donors feel valued.
  • Create a mutually-beneficial climate with our partners.



  • Maximise the annual financial return whilst not compromising the overall mission and aims of the Association and in so doing ensure the longer term sustainability of the Association. As a general principle, costs should never be higher than income.
  • Ongoing development of our staff is key to sustainability.
  • Be innovative in growing our business by investigating and, where practical, implementing sustainable ideas and other ideas that will make a difference to the people we serve.



  • Deliver on the best quality and service we can by maximising the efficiency of all our organization and infrastructure capabilities.
  • Be a highly effective, focused and passionate organization.
  • Recognise and reward excellent performance and the courage to work on development areas with the desired effect in mind.



  • Advocate the recognition and protection of the rights of all disabled persons in all spheres of contact.
  • Advocate and utilize best-practice techniques in the breeding, training and particularly the care of dogs.


Our Values :

  • Our Values are what guide us in the way we go about satisfying our Mission.


Understanding :

  • Understanding our clients and their needs are paramount.


Excellence and Leadership :

  • Be the true leader in whatever we do.
  • Always be the very best we can be.
  • Be creative, look for new and better ways and be prepared to change.
  • Work smart: “What we do, we do well!”. Do it right first time.


Accountability :

  • Take responsibility yourself for all decisions made.
  • Persevere until solutions are found and implemented.


Passion and Pride :

  • Always committed to the cause.
  • Nurture a “helping” culture.
  • We are proud of who we are and what we do.


Humanity and Respect :

  • We treat each and every person with the respect they deserve.
  • It is vital that our dogs are healthy, happy and well cared for.
  • We aim to protect the environment.


Teamwork :

  • We work together to meet the goals we set.


Integrity and Honesty :

  • We are open and honest and maintain the highest levels of integrity in our dealings.
  • Always true to our word.
  • We satisfy our commitments.