Week 7

Diary 7 – March 9th to April 11th Today is Sunday 11th, and I decided that it was time that Tuppence is introduced to going… Read More »Week 7

Week 6

Diary 6 – 16th February to March 8th Tuppence is now 17 weeks old.  He has had his next set of jabs (this was done… Read More »Week 6

Week 5

Diary 5 – January 19th to 15th February Third week of school and the novelty has not worn off…wow… we shall have to see what… Read More »Week 5

Week 4

4th January to 18th January Tuppence is now 11 weeks old, and started his puppy class which was on 5th January. All his siblings were… Read More »Week 4

Week 3

Week 3 – 28th December 2011 to 3rd January 2012 Nothing untoward happened today… Tuppence is growing at an alarming rate, and remaining as cheeky… Read More »Week 3

Week 2

Week 2 – 21 to 27 December 2011 Day 1 Today Tuppence was 9 weeks old, which meant increasing his food allowance on his 3… Read More »Week 2

Week 1

WEEK 1 14th to 20thDecember Day 1 I collected Tuppence on Wednesday 14th December aged 8 weeks. The first hurdle was travelling in the car… Read More »Week 1