Pouring Independence

Pouring Independence

How do we teach a person with visual impairment to pour hot water into a cup without spilling or over filling?

We provide a small assistive device called a liquid level indicator to our clients to assist with pouring tasks. Our Orientation and Mobility Practitioners provide this device free of charge, with the training needed to use it safely. We do not sell these items but we do rely on donors to sponsor these devices for our clients by donating towards it https://guidedog.org.za/om-devices-and-training-sessions-sponsorships/ 

The device it placed on the side of the cup with the three prongs protruding into the cup.

The water will be poured into the cup from the opposite side to the liquid level indicator.

The water is poured until it starts to beep and vibrate. Stop pouring water at this point.

Continue pouring the milk until you hear the second beep, it is a different tone to the first. Again it will vibrate as well. We have clients who are blind and deaf, so being able to feel the vibration of the device is very important.

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