Lucky Paw Draw Club

From: R30.00 / month for 12 months


Lucky Paw Draw Club Membership Rules 2023

  1. Members of the public may subscribe for tickets either through a lump sum purchase of a set of 12 (twelve) tickets @ R 300-00 (VAT Incl.) for twelve consecutive monthly draws or by signing a debit order for R 25-00 (VAT Incl.) to secure a ticket in each monthly draw.
  2. Tickets for this year’s monthly draws will cost R 25-00 (VAT Incl.).
  3. Ticket holders will participate in each monthly draw provided the cash relating to their ticket purchase has been receipted by the Association before the end of the relevant month to which the draw relates.
  4. Ticket holders my purchase more than one set of tickets or have more than one ticket in each draw, meaning they will have a better chance of winning in each draw.
  1. Membership of the Club will be granted on receipt of a signed application and payment of the R 300 (VAT Incl.) annual membership fee.
  2. When the fee is to be paid by monthly instalments, membership will be granted on the express understanding that 12 instalments will be made, i.e. R30 per month.
  3. A membership will entitle the member to one entry into each draw throughout the calendar year. If a member pays the R 300 membership fee after the January and/or February draw has taken place, the member will have two entries in the following draw/s to catch up on draws missed. A member who elects to pay by monthly debit order and joins after the January draw has taken place will need to make an initial payment of R 60 (R 30 x two months) to cover the first draw and will correspondingly get two entries into the February draw.
  4. A member whose monthly debit order is dishonoured will forfeit the right to be entered in that month’s draw and will need to make a “catch-up” penalty payment (of R 30) in order to be reinstated for the next month’s draw. If the reinstatement penalty is not paid; or the debit order is dishonoured for a second successive month, the membership will be terminated with immediate effect and no reinstatement will be allowed.
  5. Draws will be held monthly in arrears on the last Wednesday of the following month i.e. the January 2023 draw will be held on Wednesday 22 February 2023.
  6. The Club is limited to 2 000 (two thousand) members, based on a “first-come-first-served” basis.
  7. Applicants may acquire more than one membership on the same terms and conditions as the first membership.
  8. The sharing of the payment of the membership fee and/or distribution of any prize monies won amongst individuals or any syndicate formed by a member will be the responsibility of the member, not the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind.
  9. Should the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind not receive sufficient applications for membership to make the Club viable, the Association has the right not to form the Lucky Paw Draw Club. In this case any membership fees already paid will be refunded to the applicant/s or they can elect to convert the payment made into a donation to the Association.
  10. The Association reserves the right to terminate the Lucky Paw Draw Club at any time without notice. In such circumstances any unutilised portion of the membership fee will be refunded to the applicant/s or they can elect to donate the residue to the Association.
  11. No member of the Association’s Board or staff of SA Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind and their immediate families may join the Club.
  12. Draws will be held publicly at the S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind Gladys Evans Training Centre, 126 Wroxham Road, Bryanston, at 10h00 on the last Wednesday of every month except for the November and December draws which will both be held on Thursday 14 December 2023.
  13. Membership fees do not qualify for Section 18A tax certificates.
  14. A representative of the Association’s bankers will be appointed as the Independent Judge to scrutinise the draws. The independent Judge’s decision of each draw’s winners shall be final; and no correspondence will be entered into.
  15. Monthly prize values :-
  • 1stPrize          –              R 10 000
  • 2ndPrize         –              R   5 000
  • 3rdPrize          –              R   1 000
  1. In addition there will be a further draw to be held immediately after the December draw with a Bumper Prize of R25 000.
  2. The results of each draw and the names of the winners will be listed on the Association’s website and its social media pages. While every effort will be made to contact the winners personally, the Association will not be held responsible if a winner cannot be contacted on the telephone number or email address given on the winning member’s application form. Any prizes not claimed within six months of the date of the draw shall be forfeited and retained by the Association.

NLC Project Reg. No : 00017/34

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