Cape Town has a very small puppy raising scheme. We have a maximum of 10 dogs of varying ages on the scheme. We do not breed our own dogs in Cape Town. All the puppies are bred in Johannesburg and then are sent to Cape Town when they are about 7 weeks old to be raised in Cape Town.


We accept the occasional donated puppy that has been bred in the Cape as long as they meet certain criteria. The Puppy Raisers meet with us at our Training Centre in Claremont for a socializing lesson once a week, a week after they receive their new puppy.

Each week the puppies learn something new and are exposed to something different. So they will learn how to sit, down, stand, walk on the lead, walk on different surfaces, meet different types of dogs and other animals, go to the park and use the amenities there and drive in cars





These weekly lessons last for about 10 weeks and then they have monthly visits. We alternate these monthly visits with home visits and centre visits so that we can also assess how the puppy behaves in its home environment. The Puppy raiser also house trains the puppy for us.  When the puppy is about a year old they will start their formal training, and are called back to our Training Centre.


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