A vacancy has arisen within South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind (GDA) for the position of Puppy Raising Manager

Capacity: Permanent

Location: 126 Wroxham road, Paulshof

Responsible to: Director of Training

Key function: The Puppy Raising Manager (PRM) will oversee the Puppies from 8 weeks of age until formal training intake age. The PRM will oversee Puppy Raising Supervisors (PRS) and Puppy Raisers.

Key responsibilities:

* Management of PRS team.

* Communication and education of Puppy Raisers.

* Education of PRS and continued development of qualified PRS.

* Puppy Raiser recruitment.

* All admin tasks related to PRS team.

* Identify and resolve any behavioural problems of GDA juvenile stock.

* Optimum socialisation of pups.

* Liaise and collaborate with all technical managers and HODs to ensure that GDA is functioning efficiently with regard to socialisation and training of puppies and young dogs.

Essential qualities:

* Good people skills, efficient communication skills and a service-oriented approach to volunteers.

* Good understanding of dogs and puppies and their health and behavioural needs.

* Good understanding of Puppy Socialising, dog body language and general obedience in dogs.

* Good understanding of Positive Reinforcement training and learning theory of dogs.

* Good understanding of common behavioural problems in dogs and puppies and solutions to these problems.

* Able to solve problems, resolve conflict and implement agreed protocols of GDA.

* Ability to work in a team and independently without supervision.

* A strong work ethic and the willingness to work outside office hours when required.

* Must be physically fit and able to handle boisterous dogs and puppies.


Must be able to communicate in English and Afrikaans.

Must have a valid driver’s license.

Dog training experience is essential.

Puppy socialising experience is essential.

Clicker training experience is essential.

People management experience is essential.

An understanding of dog behaviour and dog health is essential.

Completion of a COAPE course an advantage.

Persons interested in this position should email the following documents to Gail Glover GailG@guidedog.org.za

1. A copy of their CV and qualifications.

2. Letter of motivation.

3. Copy of their identity document.

Applications closed on 15 March 2019.

South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind reserves the right not to fill this vacancy. An application will not in itself entitle the applicant for an interview or appointment and failure to meet the minimum requirements of the post will result in the applicant automatically disqualifying themselves from consideration. Applicants who do not receive a reply within 4 weeks of submission should deem their application to have been unsuccessful.