In addition to the SETA-accredited National Diploma course, the College also runs courses for students and professionals in other disciplines.

 Corporate team-building events and visual impairment sensitization are on offer. In these events College staff present a variety of fun activities under blindfold aimed at promoting teamwork and simultaneously increasing awareness of the needs of people with visual impairments.



  • Short courses for students and professionals in the teaching, medical and nursing professions, and for care-givers, employers and colleagues of people with visual impairment. We also offer short courses to the hotel, retail, public transport and mining industries, and to unions, so that they are educated about Orientation & Mobility training which can be accessed by their employees who are visually impaired.



The College also provides direct services to people with visual impairments, by sending out staff to train people in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities.


  • The College raises awareness by visiting and hosting schools, colleges and universities

so as to educate children and young people about visual impairment.

  • The College raises awareness by providing awareness of visual impairment to government institutions and to the corporate environments.