Once accepted for training with a guide dog a blind person person who is visually impaired may have to wait up to a year for a correctly matched guide dog, however, GDA is working hard to reduce this.

Applicants are normally given 6 six weeks notice of a class. One month before the class is due to commence the applicant is provided with all the relevant information that he/she will require – everything from the recommended clothing, suggestions for footwear and an outline of what can be expected on the course.

Classes comprising 4, 6 or 8 of four, six or eight students meet at the residential centre center in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. This will be their home for the next 3 two weeks where through a series of daily sessions they are introduced to busier and busier conditions until in the last few days they are coping with heavy traffic and crowded pavements.

Cheryl Robertson International Guide Dogs Federation 2014 Seminar in Tokyo, Japan

Cheryl Roberston’s presentation was about  the reason for opening  a satellite training centre in Cape Town. It included some of the positive influences this has on our dogs and our visually impaired clients.

The video is of two recently qualified Guide Dog Owners in the Cape who are both working with their third Guide Dog.

Both men live in the Cape and received their latest dogs from the Cape Town training centre.  Both were trained in Johannesburg with their first two dogs.

In the video they explain why they preferred training at the Cape Town satellite centre, and how it helped them to have their training in their own home town as opposed to having to travel to Johannesburg to get their new dogs.