South African Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind relies on volunteers for their invaluable assistance.

Administration Volunteers Johannesburg

A person may volunteer their time to assist the Association Monday to Thursday from 09:00 until 12:00. Should you wish to become an administration volunteer, please kindly contact Florence for more information on 011 705 3512 or send an email to info@guidedog.org.za.

Administration Volunteers Cape Town

Volunteers are also required to assist at our Cape Town branch. Should you be interested, please contact Christa van Eeden on 021 674 7395.

Community Service by Scholars

Scholars can volunteer time to do community service and assist our  kennel staff or assist on the grounds.

We accept scholars 16 years old and older.

Hard work is the order of the day and tasks will include general cleaning activitiescleaning, sweeping, garden work and dishwashing.

There is very little contact with the dogs in training as these dogs require consistent handling by trained staff.

Please contact our kennel staff and speak to Leigh or Caroline at our Gladys Evans Training Centre in Johannesburg, 011 705 3512. or you may contact them on email info@guidedog.org.za.

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