GDA relies on volunteers in the following areas:

A person can volunteer time during weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9h00 until 12h00. Currently we have just over 100 kind ladies who join us during the week to assist with various administrative tasks such as filling of envelopes, folding of articles and participating and many varied tasks given to them by Florence Bilsland. Should you wish to become a “Vollie” in this area kindly contact Florence for more information. 011-7053512 or
We also require volunteers to assist at our Cape Town branch – please contact Teagan Schwerin – 0216747395 or


School learners can also volunteer time to do community service and assist our kennel staff. Here hard work is the order of the day and please contact Kennels –  Leigh or Caroline at our Gladys Evans Training Centre in Johannesburg – 011 705 3512

You may also decide as an individual or a family unit to become a puppy raiser. This very important phase involves adopting a puppy at the age of 7 weeks old, taking them into your homes and providing it with basic training and socialisation skills required prior to formal training.

This very rewarding way of volunteering requires dedication and patience, especially if you have a nice garden as these little guide dogs in  training are quite a handful! Don’t despair as our trained puppy supervisors are always available to guide and assist you. Should you be interested in becoming a puppy raiser for GDA kindly contact the Association, or download the form below.

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