The South African Guide-Dogs Association presents Wear Your Shades Day – A campaign for eye care awareness and to show support for the visually impaired people of South Africa!

Prepare to show your support whilst looking cool (and taking care of your eyes!) on National #WearYourShades Day. On 12 October, we are asking all South Africans to come together to wear their sunglasses with pride, spreading awareness about eye care and raising much needed funds to support the visually impaired individuals in our country.

#WearYourShades Day isn’t just about looking cool; it’s a powerful initiative designed to put a spotlight on the importance of protecting our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, advocating for comprehensive eye care, and championing the needs of visually impaired people. The campaign will harness the allure of sunglasses as a fashion accessory to convey its core messages: “Support the visually impaired.”

As the only accredited organisation in South Africa that provides vital daily life skills training, assistive devices and guide dogs for people living with visual impairment in South Africa, all at no cost to them, this campaign needs your support.

By purchasing a R20 sticker, funds collected during this engaging campaign will be dedicated to enhancing the lives of visually impaired individuals through initiatives such as providing white canes, vital daily life skills training, and guide dog training.

“Many are unaware of the various types of visual impairments, and general eye care knowledge is lacking. The #WearYourShades Day campaign is our way of highlighting these critical issues while embracing the undeniable coolness of sunglasses,” remarked Nadia Sands, Head of Marketing at the SA Guide-Dogs Association.

“We invite everyone to join us on October 12, flaunting their shades while raising awareness and essential funds. We rely solely on the support of the public to be able to provide these vital services to the people living with visual impairment in our country.”

#WearYourShades Day is a fun-filled campaign that allows anyone and everyone to participate in creating awareness and supporting a very worthy cause. For just R 20, you will change a life forever.

Event Details:

Campaign Date: October 12, 2023
Sticker Cost: R20
Prizes: Over R 12 000 worth of prizes up for grabs
Funds Allocation: Supporting visually impaired individuals by providing assistive devices such as the white cane and qualified guide dogs
Contact: Shiela Makhado
Email: shielam@guidedog.org.za
Phone: 011 705 3512
Website: www.guidedog.org.za

About the South African Guide Dogs Association

For 70 years, the South African Guide Dogs Association has been at the forefront of transforming lives through the provision of guide dogs, service dogs, autism support dogs and orientation and mobility services. The South African Guide Dogs Association invites you to be a part of a movement that embraces eye care, empowerment of people with disabilities and inclusivity. Mark your calendars for #WearYourShades Day on October 12, and together, let’s give the gift of independence and freedom. 

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