Women’s Day Luncheon

Women play a very big part in the existence of our organisation – our founder, Gladys Evans, travelled to the UK where she learnt about Guide Dogs and Guide Dog Training. She brought with her the first Guide Dog in South Africa – also a female – named Sheena. The organisation as a whole employ numerous women from all walks of life in various departments. Our Head of Training in CT and JHB are both ladies who have many years’ experience in training Guide, Service and Autism Support Dogs.

It is therefore always a pleasure to celebrate Women’s month along with our beautiful supporters and volunteers. This year we hosted a luncheon with keynote speakers Jhanet van der Merwe, Lois Strachan and Abigail K. This awe inspiring line up left everyone motivated and even more passionate about the work that our organisation does.

Our luncheon was concluded with a stunning performance by Natalie Madise who opened up the rest of the afternoon for dancing and great fun!